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Attorney Hanisco is passionate about helping birth mothers navigate the emotions of making an adoption plan and ensuring that they truly understand their options and that their voice is heard and rights are preserved. As the daughter of an adoptee, who grew up with her own questions about her origins, she understands the complexities of adoption and importance of connection and that adoption never truly severs those connections.  She also loves the moment adoptive parents first see their precious baby and helping those families secure their legal rights to become a family.

As a parent after infertility, Attorney Hanisco has used her own personal experience and legal knowledge to guide not only hopeful intended parents, who often have experienced tremendous loss and heartbreak, but also the women and men who seek to help them through donating eggs, sperm, or embryos.  She is able to help gestational carriers (surrogates) the emotions their intended parents may be experiencing and the importance of legally protecting their own family through well thought out and drafted surrogacy contracts.

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